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The starters are amateurs and can put you in any group on any course and well past your scheduled tee time. Dont bother calling in for food from the 9th, theyll just either pretend they dont speak English, whine or scream their too busy, making your Friday feel much more like the DMV than a golf course.

Whittier, CA
i would have enjoyed the course had more had we maintained a good pace. It took us over 5 hours to get through the course. There were times that it took 10 to 15 minutes to take my second shot from my initial drive. We tee'ed off at 6:12am and finished the round past 11:30. I will likely never play here again even if i was the first group to tee off because the groups do start on the back nine as well as the front. The curse condition is very nice but you need to patients to play here.

Carson, CA
This course was in excellent condition, and I really enjoyed playing it. Would recommend it to anyone.

west covina, CA
I wish I could use my $certificate, but only promotional code is acceptable

Gardena, CA
The only exception to a pleasurable afternoon is the fact that there seems to be a new breed of golfer who refuses to clean up their ballmarks on the greens.